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Hayes, Family Home

Hayes Family Home

Create a light filled ground floor concentrating on the hallway, formal sitting room and family TV room. Bringing colour and pattern with a touch of glamour.

Create a warm welcoming home using elements of colour and pattern giving it a contemporary edge but with a nod to the heritage of the house. Concentrating on the downstairs hallway, formal sitting room and TV room incorporating furniture that is already owned with new pieces to update and finish the spaces.

Space planning
• The formal sitting room had no furniture other than an oversized fireplace. This was re-sized so it no longer dominated the room.

• Seating for 6-8 people was created with 2 large sofa’s and an accent chair.

• Additional storage created either side of the fireplace

• The TV room already had a leather sofa and we added additional furniture to create a cosy and comfortable space for watching TV.

Design & transformation
• The house was dark with a lot of wood panelling in the hallway - we spent a long time going through the pros and cons of painting it – we decided to paint it!

• The newly painted wood panelling in a classic grey will brighten and create a more contemporary feel adding a teal lamp and upholstered footstools will complete the space.

• A deep olive green velvet sofa is centre stage in the sitting room with green and gold cushions using geometric patterns to create a contemporary edge

• A glamourous drinks cabinet in cream and gold was placed next to the fireplace and a bespoke painted bookcase to the other side for storage.

• Using a more neutral colour palette in the TV room, still with pattern and texture to add depth and interest. The window treatment will have a geometric trim on the leading edge.

• An antique mirror style wallpaper was used in the alcoves either side of the TV to give depth and add further pattern and interest.